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KPU Banten Gelar Lomba Pembuatan Aplikas...

KPU Banten Gelar Lomba Pembuatan Aplikasi dan Games Pilkada 2016

SERANG, BCO – Komisi Pemilihan Umum (KPU) Daerah Provinsi Banten menantang para programer dan application developer untuk membuat aplikasi Pilkada Banten Apps Challange 2016. Lomba pembuatan aplikasi dan games yang bertujuan untuk meningkatkan angka partisipasi masyarakat terutama pemilih... Baca selengkapnya »

The last thing anyone wants is for their death to lead to financial hardship or bickering among loved ones because their affairs weren’t in order. Source: News Limited
Terribly sorry, we have bad news

Terribly sorry, we have bad news

WE don’t want to put a dampener on your Sunday, but have you thought about what would if you died right now? It’s not a happy thought but you’re not God. It’s going to happen sometime and there will inevitably be consequences for your loved ones. Those consequences can range from sadness,... Baca selengkapnya »

Walkom: McGuinty resigns: Dalton McGuint...

Walkom: McGuinty resigns: Dalton McGuinty takes democracy lessons from Harp...

When Prime Minister Stephen Harper shut down Parliament for just six weeks in 2010, he was called a dictator. “What’s Stephen Harper trying to hide?” the opposition Liberals asked in a televised ad. “What’s his real agenda?” New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton called Harper’s... Baca selengkapnya »

Loblaw cuts 700 Toronto head office jobs

Loblaw cuts 700 Toronto head office jobs

The decision by Loblaw Companies Limited to chop 700 jobs from the payroll in administration and at head office in Brampton on Tuesday was met with mixed reviews from analysts and investors. After the announcement, shares rose 84 cents and closed at $34.72. Loblaw has been upgrading its supply... Baca selengkapnya »
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart—the...

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart—the Best of Their Reunion Pics!

Did anyone really think Robsten wouldn’t survive a little cheating scandal? Of course not. Since word of their much-anticipated reconciliation broke this week, the Twilight twosome seemed to go out of their way to publicly flaunt their reunion. Yep, Christmas came early for the Twi-hards. Rob... Baca selengkapnya »

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Lance Armstrong steps down as head of foundation, gets dropped by Nike

In his first acknowledgment that his personal brand has been damaged by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s voluminous account of what it characterized as “serial cheating” throughout his... Baca selengkapnya »

Market vendors at a stall in Hebron Old City

Stifled West Bank economy drains Palestinians’ hopes

Passers-by linger in front of the window displays on a main shopping street in central Hebron but seem reluctant to enter the stores. In the old market, vendors call out their wares but are... Baca selengkapnya »

A Russian Parkour athlete performs a back-flip

Why Russia’s Orthodox Church is teaching teenagers Parkour

The Russian Orthodox Church has come under fire following recent stories about church officials being involved in drink-driving and road rage attacks. But it also provides valuable public... Baca selengkapnya »

Police escort Ivory Coast players off the pitch in Dakar

Senegal banned from Nations Cup after riot

Senegal have been disqualified from the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations after a riot forced the abandonment of Saturday’s home tie with Ivory Coast. It is not yet clear whether the... Baca selengkapnya »

Live: US presidential debate

Obama and Romney in presidential debate rematch

US President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney have tangled on the economy, taxes and Mr Obama’s record in their second debate. Mr Obama alluded to his bailout of the auto... Baca selengkapnya »