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Gaya Hidup ala Syahrini Bisa Ancam Keseh...

Gaya Hidup ala Syahrini Bisa Ancam Kesehatan

BCO-Kebanyakan orang yang follow instagram Syahrini sering berdecak kagum campur iri. Betapa menyenangkan kehidupannya, yang sering bepergian ke luar negeri dengan pesawat jet atau pesawat komersial kelas atas. Menandakan gaya hidup jetset dan glamor. Namun jangan salah, sebuah penelitian justru... Baca selengkapnya »

Seorang pilot drone saat menerbangkan drone di Bundaran HI, Jakarta.
Ini Aturan Batasan Penggunaan Drone di I...

Ini Aturan Batasan Penggunaan Drone di Indonesia

Menteri Perhubungan (Menhub) Ignasius Jonan telah mengeluarkan peraturan tentang penggunaan pesawat udara tanpa awak (drone) di Indonesia. Peraturan tersebut tertuang dalam Peraturan Menteri Perhubungan Nomor 90 Tahun 2015 tentang Pengendalian Pengoperasian Pesawat Udara Tanpa Awak, yang disahkan... Baca selengkapnya »

The last thing anyone wants is for their death to lead to financial hardship or bickering among loved ones because their affairs weren’t in order. Source: News Limited
Terribly sorry, we have bad news

Terribly sorry, we have bad news

WE don’t want to put a dampener on your Sunday, but have you thought about what would if you died right now? It’s not a happy thought but you’re not God. It’s going to happen sometime and there will inevitably be consequences for your loved ones. Those consequences can range from sadness,... Baca selengkapnya »

What’s new in the world of travel

What’s new in the world of travel

FROM the revamp of a Bali hotel to a TV chef on Lord Howe Island and big cat conservation tour, here’s our weekly wrap-up of what’s new in travel. Howe’s cooking TELEVISION chef Peter Kuruvita is hosting a cooking masterclass at Lord Howe Island, off the east coast of NSW, in... Baca selengkapnya »

9 China hotels with ridiculously good vi...

9 China hotels with ridiculously good views

Some hotels are there to let you get some shut-eye; others aim to keep your eyes busy day and night. Here are nine of the latter in China where a snapshot from the windows could be the best souvenir for your trip. The list is in no particular order. 1. St. Regis Lhasa Resort, Tibet Autonomous... Baca selengkapnya »

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Misogyny fight in Australia sparks a change in dictionary definition

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA—Australia’s prime minister did not define “misogyny” wrong in a blistering attack on a male rival — the dictionary did. Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s fiery... Baca selengkapnya »


Lawless execution of Gadhafi, followers pinned on militias

Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi lived like an emperor, but died like a hunted animal. On Wednesday, Human Rights Watch released a detailed report showing vivid evidence of Gadhafi’s... Baca selengkapnya »


New planet discovered in our back yard, raising hopes for discovery of Earth-like planet

WASHINGTON—European astronomers say that just outside our solar system they’ve found a planet that’s the closest you can get to Earth in location and size. It is the type of planet... Baca selengkapnya »


Florida Travel: Great bargains for properties on both coasts

Two Florida hotels – one on the east coast, one on the west – are betting that sand and a little savings will distract guests from new multi-million dollar construction... Baca selengkapnya »


Toronto Star Travel at 45: the world at your feet

Our first ever dedicated Travel section was just over 2,300 weeks ago. Ten pages it was, with a front-page focus on Bermuda. Some things haven’t changed since then. We’re still bringing you the... Baca selengkapnya »