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Jalan Rusak di Jalan Metro Villa, Camat ...

Jalan Rusak di Jalan Metro Villa, Camat Jombang Siap Tegur Perusahaan Penge...

CILEGON, BCO - Jalan baru penghubung antara Lingkungan Kependilan dengan Kompleks Perumahan Metro Villa Cilegon, saat ini kondisinya rusak parah. Sejumlah lubang besar tampak menganga di seluruh badan jalan tersebut. Rizki, warga setempat, mengatakan bahwa kondisi jalan rusak tersebut sudah... Baca selengkapnya »

Kredit Perumahan di Taman Nusa Raya Tida...

Kredit Perumahan di Taman Nusa Raya Tidak Jelas, Sejumlah Nasabah Minta Uan...

CILEGON, BCO - Sejumlah nasabah Kredit Pemilikan Rumah (KPR) Bank BTN Syariah Cabang Cilegon yang mengambil kredit rumah di Perumahan Taman Nusa Raya yang berlokasi di Sumur Bor, Kota Serang, mengeluh karena hingga kini tidak ada kejelasan mengenai hak-hak mereka. Lantaran sudah ber bulan-bulan... Baca selengkapnya »

Janji Sejak 2014, Pengembang Perumahan K...

Janji Sejak 2014, Pengembang Perumahan Kedawung Rahayu dan Bumi Kedawung As...

CILEGON, BCO – Fasilitas jalan umum yang layak yang telah dijanjikan sejak tahun 2014 oleh pihak pengembang Kompleks Perumahan Kedawung Rahayu dan Bumi Kedawung Asri, hingga kini tidak juga terealisasi. PT Rhoma Perna Abdina, adalah perusahaan pengembang perumahan yang berlokasi di Lingkungan... Baca selengkapnya »

Why Romney is gaining ground with Latino...

Why Romney is gaining ground with Latinos in Florida

Editor’s note: Ruben Navarrette is a CNN contributor and a nationally syndicated columnist with the Washington Post Writers Group. Follow him on Twitter: @rubennavarrette. Read this article in Spanish/Lea este artículo en español (CNN) — Say what you will about Florida. In a... Baca selengkapnya »

Dems’ national security advantage ...

Dems’ national security advantage at risk

Editor’s note: Julian Zelizer is a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University. He is the author of “Jimmy Carter” and of the new book “Governing America.” (CNN) — President Barack Obama must do well in the debate Monday or he risks losing... Baca selengkapnya »

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Walkom: McGuinty resigns: Dalton McGuinty takes democracy lessons...

When Prime Minister Stephen Harper shut down Parliament for just six weeks in 2010, he was called a dictator. “What’s Stephen Harper trying to hide?” the opposition Liberals asked in a... Baca selengkapnya »


Cohn: McGuinty resigns: Chris Bentley could be first casualty of Liberal renewal race

Who will lead the Liberals back into the wilderness, whence they came nearly a decade before? That’s the challenge facing the leadership aspirants who want to be premier — for a day, a week, a month, maybe two — until the minority Liberal government faces defeat in the legislature. And likely loses a general election. Undaunted, the would-be... Baca selengkapnya »

Loblaw cuts 700 Toronto head office jobs


The decision by Loblaw Companies Limited to chop 700 jobs from the payroll in administration and at head office in Brampton on Tuesday was met with mixed... Baca selengkapnya »

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart—the Best of Their ...

Did anyone really think Robsten wouldn’t survive a little cheating scandal? Of course not. Since word of their much-anticipated reconciliation broke this... Baca selengkapnya »

Lance Armstrong steps down as head of foundation, gets ...


In his first acknowledgment that his personal brand has been damaged by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s voluminous account of what it characterized as... Baca selengkapnya »

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Australian soldier killed on Afghan mission

A 24-year-old Australian special forces soldier has been killed by an improvised explosive device during a mission to target insurgents in southern Afghanistan. Chief of Defence General... Baca selengkapnya »

Football food phone app

Etihad Stadium to launch smartphone app for spectators to buy food and drinks without leav...

SPORTS fans may never have to leave their seats to buy a beer or pie again. In a win for spectators not willing to miss a second of the action, Etihad Stadium will tonight launch an... Baca selengkapnya »


Meet the Pilgramers who say they have created a religous movement based on social media

IF social media is the new religion, then hallowed be thy meme. Plenty of us are now spending long periods on Facebook, Twitter and other networking websites as it becomes (for better or... Baca selengkapnya »


New study about surging Australian birth intervention rates sparks controversy

FIONA Baker asks why ”natural” births are on the decline in Australia. Life after a caesarian section World first uterine transplants from mother to daughter A pregnant woman... Baca selengkapnya »


39 reasons to bring troops home from Afghanistan now

As far as the Australian public is concerned there are now 39 very good reasons for bringing the troops home from Afghanistan without delay. The death of a special-forces soldier overnight takes the... Baca selengkapnya »